Vintage Alliance - a specialized branch of an international company SafeInco Ltd.

The Vintage Alliance was founded on February 12, 2010 by SafeInco, Ltd in the Czech Republic.The goal of the opening of the Vintage Alliance was the withdrawal of operations in the Forex market under the auspices of a subsidiary, ensuring the convenience of access to international markets and the development of investment markets in Europe and the US.
The Vintage Alliance from the opening day made high demands on hired employees, as a result, in the first year of its work, the profitability indicators for the segment of investments in Forex increased by more than 10% compared to the previous year.
Since 2011, the company has announced a program to attract funds from private investors, available to both legal entities and individuals.
According to the policy of SafeInco, Ltd, compulsory for subsidiaries, from the very first days of operation, high standards of social responsibility were established, according to which, including the share of attracted foreign capital can’t be more than 90% of the company's own capital.
When the threshold is reached, the investment opportunity for legal and private investments is suspended until the next quarter. At the same time, all those who have already made investments will continue to receive deductions according to the selected current tariff plans and will be able to withdraw deposits and dividends at any time.
Since April 2013, the company has begun to expand the geography of interests and spheres of influence by accepting funds without restrictions on the place of residence and the country of jurisdiction of potential investors (formerly the opportunity was available to residents of the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Holland.
The best solution from the point of view of cost optimization was the development of an automated hardware and software complex for increased security for working with potential investors, partners and customers via the Internet.
Since April 2013, the development and testing of the site and investment management system under conditions of increased loads, virus and DDOS attacks, debugging of the interaction system, security, protection and duplication of data.
After the launch of the site, the opportunity to invest and receive a monthly profit in the Vintage Alliance has become available from anywhere in the world.

Opening of KIT Trade Company s.r.o.

KIT Trade Company is a partner of the international broker Vintage Alliance in the Czech Republic. The company was registered in 2004 in Prague. Initially, KIT Trade Company specialized in working with the real estate market, and after the opening of the Vintage Alliance and the conclusion of a partnership with SafeInco Ltd., trading in the financial markets - Forex and Crypto-currencies - was added to the main activity.

The Czech Republic, as one of the largest crypto-hubs in Eastern Europe, actively develops and supports innovative start-ups and introduces blocking into business and government structures. To provide Czech investors with guaranteed profitability and maximum protection of investments, KIT Trade is called upon. Up to half of all invested funds of our customers are stored in the highly protected military bunker of Haro in Switzerland. The company also insures deposits with the help of the international insurance company Safeinco Ltd.

Invest in various types of assets, including crypto currency, get guaranteed profitability and maximum security with the Czech partner of the international broker Vintage Alliance - the company KIT Trade Company s.r.o!

2018 - New Horizons

In 2018 the company offers its customers a number of new and sought-after services:

  • - Investments in crypto-currencies;
  • - Purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic for bitcoins;
  • - Help in raising funds for start-ups;
  • - Help in obtaining loans and financing any projects.

Work with start-ups is highly demanded service in the world market. According to statistics, up to 14% of generations of millenial generation have already launched their business in innovation and innovative technologies, and another 9% are going to open their business within the next 5 years.

Assistance in attracting financing provides young companies with a quick start, active growth and prospects for further development and promotion in the market.

Today SafeInco Ltd. Is a company with a worldwide reputation, a reliable reputation, a diversified investment portfolio and a wide network of branches and subsidiaries. Our main differences are a high level of social responsibility and direct and comprehensive support of innovative projects. — International Financial Broker since 2010

Risk Warning: Before you start working in the foreign exchange markets, make sure that you have sufficient level of training and understand the risks that are possible when trading using credit leveraging.


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