Participate in collective investment.

Do you want to invest in our company on more attractive investment conditions? For some reason your funds are not enough for the investment plan that attracted you?

The Vintage Alliance provides opportunities for collective investment!

  • How to Choose a tariff?
  • It is very simple!
  • It is necessary to make only three steps.

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  • Select the Pool from the list with the minimum amount of investment and profitability that is right for you, as well as get acquainted with the terms of activation of the pool. If for some reason the pool does not collect the required amount of funds, all funds are returned to the balance of the client's account
  • Referral profit to your curators is deducted only after successful activation of the pool
  • Each investor has the opportunity to create his own investment pool with individual parameters, for this you need to go to the appropriate section of your personal cabinet

  • 1. Log in to https://vintagealliance.com/auth/login
  • 2. Open the Pools -> New Pool page. Create a pool at the appropriate rate https://vintagealliance.com/account/pulls/create
  • 3. After creating the pool-tariff, open the "Manage pools" page https://vintagealliance.com/account/pulls/index
  • 4. To invite a new member in the line of the pool, click on the "Manage pool"
  • 5. In the "Invitation Pool" field, enter the e- mail the new member and click the Submit button
  • 6. By email. Your member's mail will receive an invitation to the pool with a tariff, where when you click on the "Participate" button, the client will be able to go to the site to contribute to your pool.
  • 7. The pool will exit the status "Ready" to fill the required amount. When the pool is filled by 80% or more, the button for activating the pool becomes available ahead of schedule to the pool manager.
  • Replenishment is possible through any payment system or bank.

ID Tariff Description Attracted funds Deposits Operations Status
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